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Making Memories through Games and Laughter

PYHIT is dedicated to providing kids with the opportunity to play and connect with others. We are currently seeking volunteers to join our team at Schuyler Inn for 16-20 hours a week. We believe that play is essential for children's growth and development, and we would love to have you on board to help make a difference. Contact us today if you would like to volunteer! 


I hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with their friends, families and loved ones, just wanted to keep you all up to date on the good work of our Staff members . Some of you may or may not know of Alexandria Alexander Program Director of the 50 Thornton Street Female Homeless Shelter in Albany as she has only been with us for not quite a year now. 


 Alex as she likes to be called,  has taken an opportunity provided to the Altamont Program Inc. by way of the Albany County Department of Social Services and OTADA/HHAP to address the chronically homeless female population of marginalized and disenfranchised individuals in the City of Albany . Recently over the Thanksgiving Holiday Alex took it upon herself to bring together those that she serves in the Shelter Program @ 50 Thornton Street and those living in our Albany Housing Program SRO units in various locations to enjoy a hot meal of Thanksgiving. with all of the trimmings . Alex and her staff contributed not only their time, wonderful culinary skills but their own financial contributions as well as from  other members of both Female Shelter and Albany SRO Housing staff.  


It was a successful event that even expanded out further by including the surrounding community into the day.  It would be remiss if we did not thank Peter Kelsey COO/CO-CEO  of the Altamont Program Inc. in allowing the food preparation to be done at the 37 and 45 South Ferry Street sites and his contributions as well.  In keeping and remembering the life long Legacy of Father Peter and his mission going back to the very roots of it's humble beginnings right at 37 South Ferry Street  back in 1959.  Father Pete would say a weekly mass at 4pm every Sunday in the previously known Our Lady Help of Christians Church on Second Ave. which he called The Mother Teresa Community. 

it's purpose was very simple. After every mass there would be a meal provided for one and all that anted or needed a meal.  At the start of every Mass Father Pete would welcome everyone to the service and remind them of the good eats available after the mass in the Rectory dinning room . His simple welcome would be like this .


    " Welcome to the Mother Teresa Community and the good food faith and fellowship we all share in today." 


Alex and team thank you for embracing in the same very simple yet powerful words Father Pete would repeat week after week,  to bring all people together from all walks of life for the Food,  Faith and Fellowship to create a community of opportunity and change.

    Thank you Alex 


William J. Balfe

The Altamont Program Inc.

Director of Operations/NYSID/HOUSING

Click below for the Times Union article from Saturday 11/4/23 regarding Assemblywoman Patricia Fahey introducing a bill memorializing Father Young in a scholarship renaming effort

Screen Shot 2023-06-30 at 1.08.19 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-06-30 at 1.08.45 PM.png


Our very own Valerie Delsignore, from our Baywood Center, has received the award of Woman of the Week from the radio station 100.9/107.1 "The Cat!"

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