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What People Are Saying


Tim T.

My name is Tim T. I am 32 years old and a Navy veteran of 6 years.

I am currently a residential aide at the Peter Young Veterans Program in Syracuse, NY. I am also a certified Peer Specialist and certified EMT. I have been employed at the Peter Young Veterans Program for 6 months. Prior to becoming employed, I was a resident of this program for a year because of my alcohol and drug addiction.


This is currently my longest clean time in many attempts at trying to get clean. My addiction had robbed me of EVERYTHING! Relationships, opportunities, jobs, and my spirit. I have hit many bottoms and suffered for years. It was to the point that I had to use drugs from the moment I woke up in the morning until the moment I went to sleep. I could not stand the person I had become, but deep down I knew that I was meant for more; even when I was altered. I got to the point where I was tired of suffering and decided to go to rehab for the first time. That’s when I hit the ground running. Every day I worked to build a solid foundation and every day I need to reinforce that foundation. I work on building positive habits like a positive mindset and reconditioning my behaviors.


I came straight to the Peter Young Veterans program when I left rehab. It was my first time in a program like this, so it was only natural to feel uneasy; but that quickly changed, and I realized that this has been a blessing for me. I got assigned a case manager, (C Alston) who helped me immensely in creating a healthy mindset. The whole staff is extremely helpful from the front office to the kitchen. They offer help in all areas of my life including finances, transportation, groups that aid in my recovery, resources that helped me get stable housing, employment, and meals. Most importantly they offer strength and hope and are the prime examples that recovery is possible and so is change. Throughout my stay at the Peter Young Veterans Program, I attend college, went to EMT school, and recently moved into my first apartment, built a relationship with my son, became debt free, and last but not least, got hired as an employee at the Peter Young Veterans Program.  I am extremely grateful for this program and the Director Phil Stokes, Gwen Stokes and all the staff that helped me. They are amazing people who only want the best for the residents.

Donald A.

My name is Donald A,

I served in the US Army from 1976-1987. During this time, I was deployed to Korea and Germany. While I was in Germany, I developed a drinking problem.
In 2015 I was a client at the Altamont Veterans Program in Buffalo, but still had problems staying clean. The VA sent me to rehab for 30 days. After completion of rehab, I was sent to the Syracuse Veterans Program. I got a job at Dinosaur Barbeque restaurant & Bar and soon discovered that it was too soon for me to work around alcohol. I relapsed once again. I felt ashamed and hopeless. When I returned to Program to pick up my property. Mr. Stokes called me into his office and told me that he thought that I should stay because he believed in me, and that he was willing to work with me. It had been a long time since anyone told me that they believed in me. One day at a time I started to believe in myself. I have not used alcohol or drugs in over 2 years. I have successfully completed the Peter Young Veterans Program, and I now reside in the honor section of the Peter Young Veterans Program. I am currently employed at Joey’s restaurant, and I landscape for St. Lucy’s Church in Syracuse
part time.


Staying clean has resulted in me obtaining 100% of my VA benefits, my Social Security and employment. If I had been using, I would not have been stable or sober enough to reap these
benefits. I thank my Higher Power for The Altamont Program, Mr. Stokes and the staff. Today, I am happy, grateful to be able to take a flight and spend quality time with my grandchildren, and thankful to be able to help others. Today I have hope.

MC and 1st home .jpg


This is a picture of one of the Vets that came through our Syracuse Veterans Program standing in front of his new home.
Well done Michael!!!

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